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Listen to: Rebecca Podos – The Mystery of Hollow Places Audiobook

Rebecca Podos – The Mystery of Hollow Places Audiobook

Rebecca Podos - The Mystery of Hollow Places Audiobook
Rebecca Podos -The Mystery of Hollow Places Audiobook


In this beautifully composed YA mystery, 17- year- old Imogene Scott sets out to discover her dad, a forensic pathologist and mystery author, after he quickly disappears one day. However he left her a single hint, one connected to the bedtime story he utilized to inform her about her mom. Aside from that tale and a picture, that’s all Imogene understands of the female who brought to life her, then left when she was just a young child.

Persuaded that her dad needs to be searching for her mom, Imogene starts her own examination to look for him. However initially, she needs to decipher the fact behind the identity of her mom – and her own origins. Rebecca Podos – The Mystery of Hollow Places Audiobook Free.

Magnificently composed and entirely enchanting, THE MYSTERY OF HOLLOW PLACES is far more than, well, a mystery. It’s a story about a lady looking for her household and facing the incredible truth of her dad’s disappearance. It’s likewise a story of teenager relationships and insecurities, as Imogene’s life as a high schooler does not simply disappear due to the fact that her dad did. While the story is well outlined and the concerns of “who the heck is Imogene’s mommy” and “where the heck did her papa go” function as terrific hooks, it was truly the the hypnotic writing and Imogene’s voice that kept the pages turning for me. Like I stated, entirely enchanting. I check out the entire thing in possibly two days (while on a trip with plenty of diversions).

As a character, Imogene is a wonderful mix of the snarky and the extensive, a teenager who rotates perfectly in between rattling off enjoyable quips in both discussion and narrative and diving into stunning descriptions of her world and feelings. Rebecca Podos – The Mystery of Hollow Places Audiobook Download. I likewise liked that the story checked out a female relationship instead of concentrating on her romantic interest. Not that there’s anything incorrect with love, mind you. And there’s a bit of that too.

The entire book streams like a river, in some cases tranquil, frequently bouncing up versus rocks, winding around challenges to reach a completely gratifying conclusion that left me gazing into area and sighing for far too long (luckily, my fellow traveler were too sleeping to witness the strange smile that need to have been on my face). Ending up was undoubtedly bittersweet … I liked how it concluded however was unfortunate that it was over.

P.S. In the interest of complete disclosure – Rebecca Podos and I share a representative (Lana Popovic), however besides that causing my discovery of her incredible book, that has absolutely nothing to do with anything. (What, I operate at a Huge Business and they have actually gotten me in the routine of including disclaimers to whatever).

This author has SENSATIONAL prose. I re- checked out passages numerous times due to the fact that they were so exacting and stunning. Rebecca Podos – The Mystery of Hollow Places Audiobook Streaming.
This was a fascinating check out a 17 years of age child whose dad vanishes, just leaving her one “hint” in his lack. Her dad, a mystery author, was a fascinating character to check out based upon his occupation which he was a single moms and dad. In trying to discover her dad, our lead character needs to conquer challenges, out believe her mystery author dad and discover tricks from their past.
Things that I liked about this book were the writing, the female relationship and the close self-questioning into single moms and dad households and mental disorders.
A terrific launching book that has actually offered me on any future book this author composes.